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“Highly recommend Tom. He is really helpful and seems very knowledgeable. He is easy to get on with and always on time.”

Ceri • 1-1 Tuition - A Level Business Studies, Liverpool College

“Very good tutor. My son enjoys his lessons.”

Teddy • 1-1 Tuition - A Level Economics, The Blue Coat School

“I was interested in a career in wealth management and Tom was absolutely fantastic with me, meeting on a number of occasions and even inviting me to spend the afternoon at his office to get a better understanding of the ‘day-to-day’ aspect of his role. Through a combination of humorous analogies and anecdotes, Tom passed on some invaluable career advice that gave me a direction. His wit and charisma will ensure that many others reap the benefits of time in his company and I will approach him unreservedly for future guidance.”

Sam • Work Experience, Quilter Cheviot

“Tom is an excellent tutor and I enthusiastically recommend him without reservation. Tom confidently and professionally guided me through my post-graduate Business and Finance studies which concluded with me gaining a distinction. Tom consistently demonstrates a high level of commitment to his work and his enthusiasm is infectious. Tom is organised, efficient and extremely competent and intuitively understood when I found things difficult; he has a remarkable capacity for breaking complex issues into manageable and understandable segments. Tom is always punctual, patient and good humoured. The professional rapport we built along with his excellent talents in business and finance management enabled me to meet every challenge and deadline with confidence and success.”

Hannah • 1-1 Tuition - MSc Law, Business & Management, University of Law

“Tom is very understanding and breaks key terms and explanations down into a simplistic way. He is very passionate about Economics and wants his students to succeed evident by him taking time out his day to send me any articles that would help my understanding.”

Oliver • 1-1 Tuition - A Level Economics, Merchant Taylors' School

“I am greatly indebted to Tom for the opportunity he presented me at Standard Life Investments. Not only did he find a role perfectly suited to my preferences, but he was also of invaluable assistance along the application process. With his help I was successful in securing a dream internship with future employment prospects attached. My start in life and getting off the ground as an economist in the investment industry could very possibly turn out to have been facilitated by Tom. Excellent work and many thanks!”

Simon • Career Support, Durham University

“Tom is a very enthusiastic individual who has given me a massive boost in my career and education, by firstly helping me understand the basics of economics and the financial industry. From there Tom’s unique way of tutoring has helped me improve not only in my basic understanding of finance but also in my job role in many aspects from understanding different financial instruments to the breakdown of language used by different fund and investment providers. From improving my basic understanding and knowledge Tom is now helping me with my professional exams, I have recently passed RO5 using Tom’s exam prep techniques, but I have also not been able just to pass the exam but then take this information in to my day to day role. I would highly recommend Tom as a tutor as I am still using him for my professional exams.”

Jordan • 1-1 Tuition - Chartered Insurance Institute, Fraser Wealth Management

“I am a first year undergrad economics student at University of Bristol. I found Tom extremely helpful and very generous with his time and resources. He also provided the encouragement I needed to go forward with my studies and engage in useful revision that was targeted on what I needed to pass an exam. I don’t know if I would have passed the exam without the tuition, and I would certainly use Tom in my future studies.”

Ella • 1-1 Tuition - BSc Economics, University of Bristol

“Tom made everything a lot easier to understand by breaking down the subject and analysing key problems I faced.”

James • 1-1 Tuition - BA Accounting & Finance, University of Chester

“Tom was a fantastic tutor and explained things, however many times it took for me to grasp it. He was very encouraging and made me feel confident in areas I was not prior to his teaching. Tom helped me achieve a 1st in my assignment at Masters level. I would recommend Tom to all students as he will definitely help excel in your studies.”

Shereen • 1-1 Tuition - MBA, University of Liverpool


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