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Christmas has come early in the oil markets…

April 24th, 2020|Economics|

On Tuesday 21st April 2020, history was made when the price of oil fell below zero for the first time, to an eye watering -$37.63 a barrel. This is worrying as the world’s most important commodity is losing its ‘value’ so quickly. So now the […]

Can you teach a young dog new tricks?

May 14th, 2019|Tuition|

Deliberate twist in the title – as I don’t think anyone would classify me as old or arguably a dog, but you’ll see where this is leading.


I’ve always been a “helper” – someone who will give time willingly to support others and I’m grateful in […]

  • Law

Do you need help with a career issue?

May 14th, 2019|Tuition|

Do you, for the 1st time, find yourself in an unfamiliar position where you don’t quite understand what that lecture was about? Or, for one reason or another, you haven’t quite been able to keep up with homework and tutorials…is it time to ask for […]

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