Deliberate twist in the title – as I don’t think anyone would classify me as old or arguably a dog, but you’ll see where this is leading.


I’ve always been a “helper” – someone who will give time willingly to support others and I’m grateful in that my professional and personal life, I’ve been helped too.

It’s the philosophy that I’ve engendered in MBE Academy with the support and specialist help I can provide.

Think back to when you were learning to drive (of if you’re reading this before you’ve learned to drive, do some forward thinking). Your family may well have been able to drive, but, in all likelihood, you learned with a driving instructor who is trained, experienced and equipped with the right tools for the job – patience and dual controls.

That driving exam is often the most nerve-racking experience of a young person’s life.

Apply that to GCSEs, A Levels, Degree – would you learn how to pass with flying colours from someone who isn’t well-versed in knowledge and has practical experience in that field?

Rhetorical by the way – most people wouldn’t.

Education is an expensive business – those GCSE grades and A level grades you need in Maths, Business and Economics act as portals to your future plans. If you’re not sure how to get through that door, you’re missing opportunities, expending time and we all know time is money.

Moving to university, you’re paying tuition fees, but would your lecturer / course tutor be around at 8pm on a Monday night for feedback on your work, what to do next etc.

Probably not.

As you can see from the Testimonials sliders perched on the Home Page, I get positive feedback from GCSE students up to postgraduates and job seekers.

Want to know more as a student, parent?

Email or call me now – and I’ll show you how to pass those driving tests.