Do you, for the 1st time, find yourself in an unfamiliar position where you don’t quite understand what that lecture was about? Or, for one reason or another, you haven’t quite been able to keep up with homework and tutorials…is it time to ask for some help?

Have you, for the 1st time, been asked to produce a CV and you aren’t sure what to include? Or, you’ve been meaning to change jobs for a while now but haven’t managed to find the time to sit down and start the process…is it time to ‘ask a friend’?

Have you, for the “nth” time, asked yourself: What do I do with my savings that I’ve worked so hard for? Or, have you ever joked about the tiny interest that was paid into your account from the bank…is it time to learn about other options?

Help is at hand. We can save you precious time and ensure that none of the above problems ever happen for a 2nd time.

As with many of life’s dilemmas, often the simplest solution is to…just ask.

We’re happy to help!

MBE Academy


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